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18 good reasons for the KuKuk Box

The KuKuk Box is an attractive public and flexible play and meeting place which we create in a short time and at a low cost.

Here are 17 more good reasons for the KuKuk Box.

Users, Offers & Locations

Our play containers offer adventures for all ages. There are climbing structures up to the roof, roof houses, crawl tunnels, balancing courses, slides, playhouses, seating platforms, sandboxes, reading corners and much more.

The full-fledged playground encourages a lot of movement and at the same time offers retreat areas which allow intensive play – in any weather.

Seating for parents and educators is also included.

Our play containers are available on all flat surfaces, including roofs and parking garages.

Time-consuming and costly expenses for planning, applications, excavations and foundations are completely eliminated.

Playground solutions

4. Solutions for the public

The KuKuk Box is suitable for practically all forms of public playgrounds and play areas in urban areas, as urban play points or attractions in shopping streets and shopping centres – but of course in parks as well.

 Solutions for kindergartens etc.

Our playground solutions are also suitable for all places where children hang out, for example in kindergartens, schools and other care sectors.

6. Solutions for crisis areas

We also produce a model with CSC approval which can be cost-effectively transported worldwide by ship. This variant is used in cooperation with NGOs in crisis regions, in particular for emergency pedagogical use in refugee camps.

Planning, construction & maintenance

7. Our team

Our experienced team of artists, architects, craftspeople and educators will accompany you from the very beginning. Together we create attractive playgrounds of educational and ecological value.

8. No construction site

No excavation and no permanent concrete foundations are required for the construction. This saves money and time.

Of course, it is also sustainable.

9. Quick setup

The KuKuk Box is delivered by truck and can be set up in a few hours.

10. Easy to maintain

Our containers are extremely easy to maintain. The maintenance effort required is very low.

Materials, construction methods & safety

The KuKuk Box lives through its users.

It is equipped with materials such as round, squared and sawn wood, fasteners, ropes and paints, which mean it can be expanded as desired. This means that schools, kindergartens and social institutions have control over the design of the play container.

The slides are made of durable, UV-resistant stainless steel (V2A).

The nets and ropes are made to measure from extremely strong Hercules rope. This is a piece of craftsmanship with sheathed steel cables which is operated by only a very small number of manufacturers. The material is characterised by high colour retention and abrasion resistance.

Coloured plexiglass gives the children an intense colour experience. This looks very good, and is weather- and age-resistant as well as enormously UV-resistant.

ISO 668 applies to sea freight containers. Their frame structure is ideally suited as a carrier element for foundation-less playground systems.

The KuKuk Box play containers are built according to the safety standard DIN EN 1176 and are individually approved by independent, certified experts (e.g. TüV) for public play areas.

The containers are made of durable COR-TEN steel. The walls are made of trapezoidal sheet steel.

The design is high-quality and robust. The hardest woods and weatherproof, stainless-steel connections are used.

Sapwood-free, weather-resistant robinia wood is used for the internals, because it has a natural robustness.

Lounge solutions

15. For youth and sports

The KuKuk Box is by no means only suitable as a playground.

Developed as a lounge, it’s an attractive meeting place for young people or an integral part of sports fields or skate and pump track facilities.

Event solutions

16. For sports and other events

Our fully equipped skate park containers are becoming more and more popular. You bring everything you need with you – for example, a set of ramps, skateboards and BMX bikes including helmets and protective equipment.

Solutions for other sports and other events are of course also possible.

Storage plus

17. Store inside, play outside

Even if you use the KuKuk Box primarily as a storage area, you can make the container playable from the outside.

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