About us and our


How it all started

It started with our desire to get children moving, to give them adventures and to make their playground something special.

We wanted to create two things: on the one hand, open spaces and areas for climbing, frolicking, playing; and on the other hand, a frame with protected and more private areas.

The framework is formed by our containers; our components, structures and additions make it an ever-changing land of adventure.

KuKuk Box was founded in 2006 and has been managed by Bernwart Engelen ever since. KuKuk Box is part of the KuKuk family, which has been creating play spaces in almost every imaginable form for decades – in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

Our ideas and their realisation

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We wanted versatility!
The container serves as a play area, lounge, storage and weather protection.
The KuKuk Box is suitable for kindergartens, schoolyards, youth centres, sports grounds, city centres, company sites...
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We wanted cost-efficient and attractive playground solutions.
The KuKuk Box does not require extensive design or foundations.
Thanks to its standardised shape, the box can be sent easily and for little money.
The installations, superstructures and extensions are pure adventure.
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Our idea
We wanted to create empowering experiences for children.
The realisation
Play opportunities in, on and next to the container - and around it.
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We also wanted
Activities that improve quality of life for young people.
What we did
We developed the lounges.
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Also important...
Shade when it's hot, weather protection when it rains. And always fresh air.
No problem, because
this is the nature of our containers.
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Our goal
How we implemented it
We use recyclable materials.
We offer our manufacturer's return guarantee.
The KuKuk box requires no excavation and no foundations.
So our sustainability measures also save money.
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Our containers must be safe.
Our systems comply with European safety standard DIN EN 1176 for playgrounds and play equipment.
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Outstanding quality thanks to the use of high-grade materials
We use
Corten steel
Robinia wood
Stainless steel
Hercules rope
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