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KuKuk Box

We get kids moving. Straight away!

Children prefer to learn while playing and on the move, and we’ve got just what they need.

The KuKuk Box is a combination of a container and a variety of playing opportunities. The container is a structure, a storehouse, a lounge and weather protection; its components, structures and additions represent pure adventure.

The KuKuk Box creates a versatile and innovative playground: in the shopping street, in the kindergarten, in the schoolyard, in front of the youth hostel and on the sports field.

A fast, sustainable and cost-effective solution for every age and place. Works straight away. Anywhere in the world.

What makes us special

Our ideas

A container is standardised, robust and inexpensive. From and around it, we build attractive public play opportunities: versatile, flexible, cost-effective, quick and easy to set up and take down, easy to maintain and sustainable.

Our product

It starts with the container. With a lot of creativity, solid craftsmanship and with round, squared and sawn woods, fasteners, ropes and paints, we turn it into the Kukuk Box.

Our references

We’ve seen it all now: climbing up to the roof, roof houses, crawl tunnels, balancing courses, slides, playhouses, seating platforms, sandboxes, reading corners – and much more.

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