The KuKuk Box in the media

Skatepark in an Box

“Skatepark in a Box” is a new, versatile and at the same time sustainable concept for the further development of mobile skate facilities around the world.

As the name suggests, the project consists of a skatepark and a box. The skatepark was designed by Cologne landscape architect and skatepark specialist Ralf Maier, and the box was designed by us.

The play container at the ship lift

The KuKuk play containers can also be used in more unusual places, for example on the water playground at the LWL Industrial Museum Henrichenburg Ship Lift.

A post from the LWL Industrial Museum Henrichenburg Ship Lift Facebook page.

Written in German.

Diversity as standard

Due to their standardised shape, containers can be shipped relatively cheaply anywhere in the world. Thanks to their stable frame construction and versatility, they are also ideal for use as scaffolding and outer shells for a variety of play and leisure facilities.

A contribution from “More Sports. More Architecture.

Play container for Ukraine

Children in war zones suffer from psychological stress and trauma. It is here that supporting initiatives and aid organisations become important, as they try to at least offer the children a distraction.

Traumatised children at least find some form of relief in play. Play containers are therefore a very important initiative for them.

Switzerland’s largest mobile playground

The KuKuk Box is also suitable as a “hiking playground”, as this example from Oberwinterthur shows. The containers are transportable and can temporarily replace playgrounds that are currently being renovated.
A contribution from RADIO TOP.

Broadcast in German.

Plug and play in Wolfsburg

The starting point for this project was the city of Wolfsburg’s desire for “more people to spend more time in Wolfsburg city centre”. Additional play, rest and recreation zones were to be created at suitable locations to improve the quality of the city centre and increase the amount of time spent there.

With mobile greenery and mobile play containers.

The alternative play area

The alternative playground is installed whenever a place is greatly lacking in play equipment. The play equipment inside the container has been designed for children of practically all age groups.

A contribution by the city of Winterthur.

Written in German.

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