Model version Architect 

“Kuhhirte” in Bochum

Good things come around again

Two attractive playscapes had already been installed in Bochum’s city centre back in 2022, followed by another temporary playground in early summer 2023: our “Spielbox” (as it is called in Bochum) is located on the upper side of Platz am Kuhhirten directly on Bongard Boulevard, one of the two major shopping streets in Bochum.

The open container, along with the waterfall that flows parallel to it, encourages children to play, climb and slide. The main attraction of this installation is the giant tube slide, through which children can overcome the considerable height difference from the roof of the container to the waterfall 18 steps below.

Thanks to its wide range of configurations, this model will also be installed in other parts of Bochum.

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